EDUCATION: How Technology is disrupting the Industry

Like most industries, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge negative impact on the education sector, with most if not all institutions forced to close down. The closing down of schools has deprived students of being able to meet each other to have social connections which helps them to reduce academic stress as well as increase emotional and physical health. Technology is advancing rapidly and has become a major aspect in society as it aids in getting things done easily and quickly, hence the need for educational institutions to keep up with new trends to better serve their students and staff always.

From accessing study resources to having group discussions, and having virtual classes as well as generally improving the learning process for students, technology plays an important role. Axxend offers educational institutions the digital advantage to create an effective teaching and learning process.

At Axxend we put the student at the center of everything we do by providing them with the right environment and collaborative tools that will help them to connect among themselves while preparing them for the corporate environment in a more convenient, real-time and efficient way..”

- Samuel Adu-Twum

Head, Business Development & Strategy -Axxend

How can we Help?

Provide collaborative tools that students can leverage to work on school projects, group assignments, and have group studies.

Provide analytics tools to help management gain visibility into academic performance and enable them make informed decisions to prepare the students for success

Ensure end-to-end security and privacy with built-in, always up-to-date safeguards for all devices and information.

Provide teachers with an easy way to monitor and manage their students, devices and data from a single dashboard

Provide solutions that foster teacher-student engagement and encourage active participation in school work.

Provide social network tools that students can use to connect to each other to create and maintain social relationships

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