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Many are customers who feel very dissatisfied with their engagement with institutions like energy and utilities providers. Customers always feel it’s only about money collections and would need more from such service providers, such us demand for quality service provision, bill payment, data collection, and a total customer journey experience. Customers expect an interactive relationship, one that includes real-time issue resolution and communication with frontline agents. Its about time you transform your business to fully utilize intelligent technology solutions to bridge this gap and serve your customers better.

With modern workplace, IOT and smart business applications, Axxend Corporation will help you redefine the way you engage your customers, manage your assets, and improve working conditions for your employees to meet your business goals for success.

VRA now has the necessary IT systems in place to manage all their device safety with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to deliver the best experience to its customers and in real time. Axxend Corporation has helped to make this happen by ensuring the deployment was done on time and within budget.”


Axxend Corporation works with a list of clients across the energy and utilities industry, helping them implement capital discipline, extract hidden value, equip the workforce and establish flexible operational models. Solutions such as Process automation, AI & analytics, modern workplace, business continuity, and customized power applications.

We help you engage with customers by delivering experiences that improve the way our customers work and live with the ultimate. Together with you, we are able to come up with the right solutions, when to use them and how best to use them and interact with your customers to improve experiences.

You shouldn’t neglect your Workforce or employees.

There is a current wave of downsizing due to the world’s pandemic and the energy and utilities industry are not left out. The more reason businesses must turn to the right technology. This can be key to attracting and supporting a modern workforce, providing employees with the necessary tools to gain the right insights in real-time, to make decisions as well improve the working experience of your workforce.

The right expertise to deliver success.

Day in day out, customers switch from one utility service provider to the other for more convenience, flexibility, and savings. Axxend can help you succeed in such a competitive market as yours. Axxend combines innovative Microsoft technologies deliver digital solutions for energy and utilities providers.

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Engage your utility customers through relevant experiences.

How Axxend can help utility companies accelerate and improve customer experiences through enhanced self-service capabilities.

Optimize for changing utility customers’ needs.

Find out how Axxend helps utility companies improve their customer engagement through self-service features like bill payment, start/stop notification and real-time notification of service outages.

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