Improving Employee experience with Teams

The current pandemic is significantly influencing employee performance. As employee experience is one of the most popular topics in the field, many companies are now adjusting their strategies to keep their employees’ experience, morale, and productivity as high as possible.

Remote work is the number one reason why the employee experience is disrupted. The new way of working, collaborating, and communicating has changed the way companies operate and manage their workforce.

Some of the factors that affect employee experiences, such as employee growth and development may be put on hold right now. However, there are other factors that employers need to give extra attention to during the crisis.

Most organizations stand to realize major benefits from improving employee engagement – and in the modern workplace, technology solutions have plenty to offer. Let’s take a look at how Microsoft Teams can positively influence team culture.

With Microsoft Teams, organizations can create a ‘team’ for each project team, business unit, staff cohort, or other relevant groups. Teams then use ‘channels’ to conduct focused online conversations, collaborate on tasks, and communicate with one another.


Microsoft Teams solutions and employee engagement

Microsoft Teams is many organizations’ new favorite tool for connecting employees and teams across locations and devices. Here are four ways that Microsoft Teams can drive employee engagement in any sector:

Targeted communication

Important messages are often missed by employees because they’re buried in high volumes of generic, lengthy, irrelevant, or low priority emails or updates. This is particularly true for remote workers who are reliant on digital channels for team and company interactions.

Microsoft Teams overcomes this challenge by making it easy to organize and focus communications so employees can be quickly reached.

For example, you can assign users to a Team based on their organizational structure or working location (you could even create a dedicated Team for your remote workers). By distributing messages through relevant Teams and channels, you can be confident that your communication won’t disappear in someone’s inbox.

Mobile accessibility

Microsoft Teams offers a fully optimized mobile experience so that users can benefit from the same tools and capabilities as office-based staff, irrespective of where they’re working or which device they’re using.

Employees can easily start a conversation with HR or IT support via chat, audio call, or video call to get issues resolved quickly. They can also view, edit and collaborate on Office 365 documents, with their changes synced in real-time, from a connected mobile device.

The Microsoft Teams web app also enables users to seamlessly switch between devices.

Video chat

There are times and topics where you just need a face-to-face conversation. When location prevents an in-person meeting, video calls are the next best thing.

Microsoft Teams offers high-quality and easy-to-use video capabilities so that you and your staff can build trusted relationships remotely. It removes the barriers of distance by making video call collaboration possible, meaning employees can work together on documents, drawings, whiteboards, or products from any location.

Video calls can be held one-on-one, conducted with a group of team members, or be used to hold webinars and presentations for large groups of participants. Video calls can also be recorded so that no-one misses out on important information updates.


 Digital Transformation Kickstarter

If your organization is not digitally transformed, you will likely have many different data storage locations. This can cause delays when documents need to be accessed. One of the benefits of Microsoft Teams is that it takes you along a digital transformation journey. As it is a cloud-based system, you can access information from anywhere, on any device, at any time.


Real-time document collaboration

One of the most productive benefits of Microsoft Teams is that staff can collaborate and edit documents seamlessly. This can be done at the same time as other users in the organization. Documents are auto-saved within Teams. This way no information is lost.


Work better together

With  Teams, employees can work on the same document at the same time. You can all view the same Word document; edit the same Excel spreadsheet; collaborate on the same PowerPoint presentation while logging persistent chat around that content. It combines chat, meetings, notes, and attachments allowing teams to seamlessly interact with each other wherever they are. Calendars, files, and emails can also be shared. The scalability means it is easy to add new users as your business grows.


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