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Module 2(Proactive IT Infrastructure)

Course Description

Trainings within this module are developed to help you:

  • Implement cloud infrastructure monitoring.
  • Implement load balancing and Network security.
  • Administer network traffic  and configure network routings and endpoints.
  • Deploy resources with Azure Resource Manager
Audience Profile
  • IT Admins
  • Application Developers
  • IT Security Engineers
  • IT Heads
Azure Network

Key Takeaways:

  1. Overview of Azure
  2. Administer Virtual Networking
  3. Administer Intersite Connectivity
  4. Administer Network Traffic
  5. Implement Load Balancing
  6. Implement Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

Cloud security

Key Takeaways:

  1. Cloud App Security
  2. Advanced Threat Analytics/Protection
  3. Azure AD Identity Protection
    PIM(Privileged Identity Management)
  4. Azure Sentinel
  5. Microsoft Defender
  6. Advanced Threat Protection(MDATP)
  7. O365 Advanced THreat Protection(OATP)
  8. Azure Information Protection
  9. Data Loss Prevention
  10. Insider Risk Management
Administer PaaS Compute Options
  1. Implement an Application Infrastructure
    • Create and Configure Azure App Service
    • Create an App Service Web App for Containers
    • Create and Configure an App Service Plan
    • Configure Networking for an App Service
    • Create and Manage Deployment Slots
    • Implement Logic Apps
    • Implement Azure Functions
  2. Implement Container-Based Applications
    • Configure Azure App Service Plans
    • Configure Azure App Services
    • Configure Azure Container Instances
    • Configure Azure Kubernetes Service
Azure design for deployment, migration and integration
  1. Deploying Resources with Azure Resource Manager
  2. Creating Managed Server Applications in Azure
  3. Authoring Serverless Applications in Azure