Windows 10

The future for a secured and modernized workplace

When Axxend did a survey on more than 50 global senior IT decision-makers, we found that 96% stated they are either leveraging Windows 10 in their organization today or plan to do so in the next 12 months due to the announcement from Microsoft that Windows 7 going end-of-life. Windows 10 is key to a modern workplace transformation designed to increase productivity, mobility, and security. Their timeless model also eliminates the need for major workplace transformation efforts every three to four years. 

But this new model requires a new approach. As a competent Microsoft partner, and having migrated over 5000 devices to new versions of Windows, Axxend can help your organization get to Windows 10, transform your IT practices and maximize your value from Microsoft’s most secure operating system. 

Manage the modern workplace with Windows 10

The Windows 10 evergreen model enables you to put both security and user experience first, with the ability to roll out the latest features and updates as soon as they are available. This new model provides a more flexible and agile approach, one where you can roll out updates twice a year without impacting other services. Windows 10, now as part of the wider Microsoft 365 ecosystem, is also interwoven into Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, and works together with these and other cloud applications to deliver even more connected benefits for the user, when used in the right way. 

At Axxend, we can help migrate your devices to Windows 10 smoothly; Our experience and use of Microsoft tools ensure that there is no downtime while minimizing cost and riskBut we can go further. We can help formulate a strategy and roadmap for changing your workplace, and we can also manage your workplace. 

Benefit from our Windows 10 and wider Microsoft 365 expertise. 

Our track record and expertise can help make this a reality and support you create modern workplace tailored to your organization. 

Our track record includes: 

  • Some of the largest Windows 10 migrations in the West-Africa, some with over 10,000 seats 
  • Migration of more than 5000 desktops. 
  • More Office 365 seats deployed across Exchange, SharePoint, and Teams than any other Microsoft partner

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