Job Summary

The Videographer will be responsible for capturing, editing, and producing high-quality video content that aligns with our brand’s goals and objectives. This role involves conceptualizing video ideas, shooting footage, editing content, and ensuring that the final product meets our visual and storytelling standards.

Key Responsibilities
  • Video Production: Plan, shoot, and edit videos, including promotional content, product demonstrations, interviews, event coverage, and more.
  • Concept Development: Collaborate with the content Marketers to brainstorm and develop creative concepts for video projects.
  • Editing: Edit video content, add effects, transitions, and graphics, and ensure the final product meets the company’s visual and storytelling standards.
  • Audio Recording: Capture clear and high-quality video audio, including interviews, voiceovers, and ambient sounds.
  • Lighting and Set Design: Set up lighting equipment and design sets to achieve the desired visual effects.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Maintain and troubleshoot video equipment to ensure it functions optimally.
  • File Management: Organize and manage video files and assets for easy access and retrieval.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with cross-functional teams, such as content marketers, to align video content with marketing strategies and objectives.
  • Technical Expertise: Stay updated on video production trends, tools, and software to improve the quality and efficiency of video production.
Qualifications & Skills
  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent in film, video production, or a related field.
  • Proven experience as a videographer with a portfolio demonstrating a range of video projects.
  • Proficiency in operating video cameras, lighting equipment, and video editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or similar)
  • Strong creative and storytelling abilities to develop engaging video content.
  • Meticulous attention to visual and audio details for producing high-quality videos.
  • Ability to adapt to changing project requirements and work in a dynamic creative environment.
  • Strong communication skills to collaborate with team members and understand project objectives.
  • Effective time management skills to meet project deadlines and manage multiple video projects simultaneously.
  • Awareness of industry trends and a commitment to staying updated on video production technologies and techniques.

    Working Hours
    8:00am – 5:00pm

    Date Posted
    April 1, 2024

    Valid Through
    April 30, 2024