To drive digital transformation in your business, your workflow system should incorporate simple and intelligent forms.

Create An Agile Workforce

Optimize service quality, customer satisfaction, and retail delivery speed. Accelerate your digital transformation and harness mobile technology to give employees everything they need to do their jobs effectively, anywhere.

Retail Solutions

Discover our industry-specific approach to developing innovative and cloud-based AI, analytics, and automation solutions that transform experiences

Goods & Safety Inspections

Deliver significant efficiency savings by modernizing and digitizing inspections processes. With advanced workflows and digital forms, managerial staff can spend less time on paperwork and more time on new and improved customer experiences.

Employees Relations

Axxend empowers retail managers to deal with employee issues quickly and decisively. Simplify regulation compliance across all business sites by streamlining standard operating procedures, digitizing forms, and automating approval processes.

Process Visibility

By properly managing and automating their processes, retailers can drastically reduce approval times, standardize operating procedures, and allow for full process visibility. Built-in tracking and escalations deliver vital clarity around all operations.