The goal is to help the health sector use its
resources more efficiently and expand capacity
to support strategic priorities.

Drive Results By Automating Your
Health Processes

Don’t let an inefficient healthcare workflow get in the way of patient care. Axxend helps healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers reduce costs and save time, so they can deliver better outcomes for patients.

Health Solutions

Discover our industry-specific approach to developing innovative and cloud-based AI, analytics, and automation solutions that transform experiences

Health Care Providers

Automate administrative processes to free up employees’ time while remaining fully compliant with security regulations and accounting for future growth. Axxend also helps improve patient experiences by digitizing processes.

Pharmaceutical Sales

Automate the entire travel process for pharmaceutical sales teams on the road. Replace paper-based requests with an automated approval process that allows managers to e-sign and approve travel requests from any location.

Medical Device Manufacturers

Transition from your legacy CRM to a modern, robust system that facilitates document creation, editing, and management. With Axxend, automated workflows dramatically increase the consistency of data storage and access to information.

Health Insurance Data Processing

The better, faster alternative to macros or outsourcing, Axxend RPA file transfer software functionality provides superior outcomes and shortens revenue cycles while reducing reliance on manual data entry and maintenance.