Reduce Risks in Business through Licensing

Many businesses today are looking to operate with Licensed Software and Infrastructure to mitigate financial and complaint risk. That is why at Axxend, we offer an array of products and services from Microsoft and other known Service Providers. Let us help you buy your ERP or CSP licenses from Microsoft directly at very affordable rates.

Many organizations have fallen prey to cyber criminal because of using cracked softwares, resulting in loss of huge sum of money and reputation. Contact us to help you build your company the right way and no additional costs.

What businesses look out for…


A lot of customers have compliance issues when it comes to their license. This means that they have installed more than what they have purchased. There is a variance from what they have purchased against what is more licenses in use than they have purchased. Others also unknown to them be using non genuine license when indeed they should be using genuine Microsoft license. For corporate customers Microsoft will usually charge such companies penalties. The real issues with such non genuine license is security issues which can make your infrastructure susceptible to attacks.  We can help you to successfully be compliant while staying within your budget.

Advisory Services

A lot of customers lack in-house expertise in mapping business needs to Microsoft licenses. This sometimes leads to buying licenses that are never used and do not align with business needs. We can help companies reduce their OPEX which is critically needed in these pandemic times. Our in-house Microsoft License experts will help you to drive OPEX down by first understanding your exact business needs and what your IT strategy is and then recommend what licenses are needed to align those business needs with your license needs.

Derive More Value

Solutions don’t have intrinsic value unless it’s used to solve a problem. At Axxend we believe that we can help you to make use of purchased licenses or recommended licenses to solve business needs. It cost companies a lot to invest in Technology. We will have discussions with your business to know how you want to make use of these solutions or we can also recommend to you what A lot of customers lack inhouse expertise in mapping business needs to Microsoft licenses. This way companies are able to get the Return on Investments (s) and not just as a cost center.

Cost Saving

The pandemic has brought a lot of companies to their knees. This has forced a lot of companies to reevaluate how they will be able to reduce OPEX by on their IT investment. One key way to do this is by tailoring your business needs with your infrastructure requirement. We can help you to reduce the cost of licenses while still achieving your goals.


Do you have current license that you would want to upgrade? For example, you may still be using lynx while losing out on the opportunity that comes from Microsoft Teams. We can help you understand the value that new licenses will help you to achieve in your technology strategic roadmap.

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