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Businesses all over the world have entered a period of transformation marked by rapid and simultaneous change. As a result, businesses must adapt to the change in order to assist their customers in transforming. With this strategy in mind, our products were created to leverage technology to drive innovation and reshape our clients’ business models, enabling production and personalized consumption.

Attendance Monitoring

Remote Attendance App

For a resilient organization, remote work constitutes part of the working habit. Axxend developed a remote work solution that checks clockin, clockout and task management. Reports are then generated to management for visibility and informed decision making

Key Features:

  • Clockin / Clockout
  • Task Management
  • Interactive Dashboard

Key Benefits:

  • Visibility into remote activities in your organization
  • Reduce manual and paper-work processes
  • Obtain accurate data on Staff check in & checkout data
  • Elimination of human error
  • Reduce administrative load
  • Improved productivity
  • Cost reduction

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