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Businesses all over the world have entered a period of transformation marked by rapid and simultaneous change. As a result, businesses must adapt to the change in order to assist their customers in transforming. With this strategy in mind, our products were created to leverage technology to drive innovation and reshape our clients’ business models, enabling production and personalized consumption.

Fleet Management


A lot of businesses are looking to reduce cost and effectively make use of corporate resources to help their organizations grow. Fleets of vehicles contributes greatly to this goal. To make these vehicles readily available to staff when needed, for vehicles to be maintained properly and for proper visibility into resources such as fuel, oil etc of such vehicles. Axxend has built a mobile friendly fleet management solution to easily manage booking of vehicles, keeping track of mileages and maintaining the cars.

Key Features:

  • Car Selection
  • Clock Booking
  • Request Management
  • Car Condition Tracking

Key Benefits:

  • Availability and usage of vehicles.
  • Monitoring and Reporting on mileage
  • Improve vehicle maintenance
  • Fuel consumption monitoring and control

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