Do you have an intranet for your business?

An intranet is mostly confused with the internet. The internet, a worldwide communication of networks, has eased communications globally. Even though an intranet serves a similar purpose for communication, its usage is limited to a smaller group. Think of the internet as a public network and an intranet as a private one for internal communications.

Most successful organizations leverage the benefits of an intranet to streamline their internal processes and provide resourceful information. In this article, we will examine 5 key benefits of using an intranet and how that can benefit your business.

1. It improves internal communication

With lots of emails gaining the attention of most employees, it becomes difficult for them to keep up with the most relevant information. An intranet can be a useful platform to disseminate information relevant to your internal staff.

2. Collaboration & Teamwork

Employees can be provided with team sites for easier collaboration coupled with document sharing abilities.

3. Boosts recognition and reward

Recognition is an essential part of the employee experience, and it serves to improve employees’ satisfaction and engagement levels. Sharing and celebrating employee achievements helps with employee retention and these are some things an intranet can provide.

4. Knowledge Management

An intranet provides an improved way to store and share documents in a secure environment. Also, the intranet can be a hub for all your internal apps and resources that will make it easier for your staff to find information.

5. Provides organizational clarity

Company intranets with clear and dynamic organization charts provide clarity on the shape and set-up of your company. Other features, such as individual bios or profiles, add rich layers to this clarity and help employees understand the roles and responsibilities of individuals throughout your business. Also, employees easily understand the company culture easily with an intranet.

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