Employee Wellbeing at the Workplace

“The greatest asset of a company is its people.” – Jorge Paulo Lemann

Employers would no doubt agree with the quote above from Jorge Paulo Lemann. Truly, employees form the foundation of every business hence they deserve to be valued as assets.

Statistics show that 94% of employees are willing to stay in an organization that prioritizes their wellbeing over tasks and results. This shows how important employers need to value the well-being of their employees.

Employee wellbeing affects performance. So, when employees are healthier and happier it impacts the business results positively.

How do employers ensure they prioritize the well-being of their greatest assets?

Employee well-being should not be solely centered on physical well-being but on their emotional and mental well-being as well.

Note: Even though employers primarily need to ensure this, other employees could also support in ensuring the wellbeing of their colleagues.

In this article, we’ll examine four(4) ways to do that:

1. Keep employees engaged

When employees are constantly engaged, they feel valued. Part of employee engagement is employee recognition. Offer praise to employees and share their achievements with the team. When employees feel appreciated, it improves their emotional health and makes them motivated to do more.

2. Encourage open discussions

Employee inclusion is promoted when the views, opinions, ideas, and concerns of employees are heard by their employers and coworkers. Employee inclusion is a key factor in improving the emotional health of your employees. So before, you launch that new product or service, why not seek the opinion of your employees. When you get their opinions, it becomes easy for them to buy in and support it.

3. Show interest in them

When your colleagues or employees sense your deep interest in them it improves their mental and emotional health. Frequently endeavor to have personal conversations with them, get to know what’s going on in their lives outside the office, and try to play a part in their goals and achievements. Doing these breeds loyal employees who with a sound mind and heart will be willing to work to thrive the organization’s mission and vision.

4. Organize employee well-being sessions

If possible, have industry experts have an interactive session with your team on the best things they could possibly do to improve their personal wellbeing. This would help draw their attention to areas that need more improvement for their well-being.

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