How to digitally transform your business

The COVID-19 pandemic has reignited many businesses’ ambition to transform their operations digitally. Unfortunately, many businesses mistake digital transformation with digitization. While digitization is essential for a business to transform digitally, it is not the same as digital transformation.

What is digitization?

Simply put, it is transforming hard/paper files and papers into digital files and documents. For example, hospitals can convert hard-copy patient folders to digital folders and store the soft-copy for easy access and preservation. Others scan photographs, and documents, or turn a report into a PDF and save it on a computer.

This is called digitization. The data and information remain unchanged; only the accessibility and storage have changed. It is advantageous for organizations since critical information can be retrieved quickly and easily.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of leveraging technology to achieve your business or organization’s goals. It may involve developing new or modifying existing business processes, culture, and customer experiences.

The following are a few examples of technology tools that have revolutionized business operations and procedures.

Axxend Corporation’s Intelligent Attendance Solution uses artificial intelligence to detect employees in real-time and automatically give human resource departments the productivity these individuals dedicate each day.

Many organizations are abandoning the old practice of logging visitors into books and asking guests to check in on paper. They want their visitors to have a pleasant and convenient visit to their establishment. They are employing Axxend Corporation’s Visitor Attendance Application to facially capture guests and provide email or SMS notifications to the host.

Gone are the days when corporations with a fleet of automobiles had to purchase many mobile chips and software to manage and monitor their fleet. On the other hand, businesses can work and monitor their fleet of cars and receive reminders on a routine maintenance schedule using the Axxend Fleet Management system.

A number of banks have deployed self-serving technology systems like the Cognize Go Cash App to enable their customers to withdraw and deposit cash & cheques without a teller or an ATM Card.

These examples demonstrate unequivocally that digital transformation focuses on four primary areas. It enables organizations to empower their staff, engage their consumers, optimize their processes, and improve their services and products.

So digital transformation goes beyond digitization. It does not just transform files and documents but transforms business processes, services, and products.

But how can a business commence its digital transformation journey? The following article will go over the eight phases to commencing your business’s digital transformation journey.

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